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Portfolio - Fotografie

OK, I am too lazy to put things on this page. On the other hand, bored by the crappy rendition from on line jpgs when compared with fine art prints. From time to time I have folders sleeping in the PC containing some vacation shots and I let softwares to do the job automatically.

Tenebrae - 24mm f1.4 - 50mm f1.2 (Google Plus album, open in new window)


Attrezzature: obiettivi, corpi macchina, accessori
Attrezzature, un parco macchine per riprese foto e video d'eccellenza selezionato in oltre 40 anni di esperienza. "L'attrezzo giusto per il lavoro giusto".

On stage
Teather, concerts, ballet...

Amerindia and Chris Selection
A special thank goes to Amerindia and Chris who gave me permission to make these freely viewable for the public- NO PASSWORD NEEDED - NO SENGHE VOL PASSWORD -

I do linear, cylindrical and spherical panoramas. Here's an example of a spherical 360x360 degrees, at medium resolution. DevalVR is the best for wiewing this kind of content (it's free to download) although you can switch between Flash, Quicktime, Java.

The Venices' series - Spring
Road tripping. Seven days around The Venices during this 2008, from march to may. Come to the land of Saint Mark and dicover this and much more. Minimum resolution required 1280X1024 (set browser to full screen!).

The Venices - Winter - 140 degree panorama
Original print is about 10X34ov (11X39'') at 300 d.p.i.

The Venices series - Winter
Winter 2007, the (venetian) man and his environtment; six days around The Venices from december 2007 to february 2007 m.v.
Minimum resolution required 1280X1024 (set browser to full screen!).

Mouse sketches
Laori fati co'l mouse in Photoshop... co me vanta i diexe menuti.
Digital paintings done in Photoshop via the mouse.