Artigiana Foto - Fotografia Corniceria Venezia Mestre Marghera <body bgcolor="#ffffff"> <p><img src="imajine/intestasion-mob.gif" alt="Artigiana Foto" height="48" width="160" border="0"></p> <p>Contact:<br> Telephone (0039) 041.923438<br> VENEZIA Mestre (Carpenedo) - Marghera Catene - Chirignago<br> Servizi fotografici professionali.<br> Laboratorio di corniceria, cornici su misura e personalizzate, album e accessori.<br> Foto in studio, fototessera biometrica norma ICAO ISO per passaporto, carta d'identità, patente e foto tessera a domicilio.<br> Riprese foto-cine e postproduzione video professionale in partnership con "Samarco Pictures".<br> Puzzle delle migliori marche a prezzi scontati - cornici per puzzle, consegna a domicilio.<br> </p> <p>Various kinds of services and products available: custom frames, photo restoring, photofinishing, photography courses, and many more.</p> <p>As a professional photographer specialising in many types of photographic work, I strive to create modern, creative and original images to ever ensure distinctive products.<br>My expertise covers weddings, architecture, portraits, interiors, product shots, corporate or public relations events, conferences, and much more. Photographs and movies can be taken in my studio or on location with mobile equipments.</p> <p>I work mainly in the Venices area, or in the city of Venice but I'm willing to get assignments in other countries too.</p> <p>If you would like to discuss any future project please call me or enter the website and use the &quot;Contact&quot; page.<br> I can speak <a href="in-vec.html">Venetian</a>, <a href="in-eng.html">English</a>, <a href="in-ita.html">Italian</a> and French.</p> <p><span class="ds1">Fabio</span></p> <p>You reached this page with an old mobile phone, or with an outdated web browser.<br> Please visit the website <a href="">here</a> with proper equipment.</p> </body> </body>